Syncro – Antivirus & Malware Protection

Looking for virus protection? We’ve got you covered with Syncro! Our newly improved antivirus software protects your system by performing regular scans on your pc, and automatic security updates. If you need support, you’ll receive local help from one of our experienced team members.

On top of that, it reports back to us if anything begins to go wrong on your computer. Rest easy knowing your device is fully protected with Syncro! For only $9.99 per month, you can ensure your system receives the best when it comes to malware protection.


If you need to protect your device from malicious files and viruses, sign up for Syncro today and receive quality customer service for any problem directly from us at Ribbit.

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What Our Clients Say

    Great work, polite and responsive. I work from home and needed my computer fixed asap. Ben got it up and running great in no time. Very thankful for the services and quick turnaround.

    If you work with real machines (computers) and have issues with them, you should not waste time and energy and, most critically, risk your machine by going anywhere else.

    These guys are, in my opinion, the best computer help around. They are friendly, fast, easy to work with, most of all; they are experts at what they do. Would recommend them to anyone struggling with their operating system and any other computer issues!

    I have never had a bad experience. The guy that helped me last time when I had to take my Laptop and Printer in was absolutely Amazing and so kind.Thank You! Would never go anywhere else.

    Have had several great transactions with Ribbit. I have needed 2 different iPhone screen repairs done. They are affordable, quick same day service. The employees explain the process and options well and I have been extremely pleased with the results. I will always bring my devices here.

    These guys helped me big time when I was in a jam. My phone was dead and couldn't take a charge, and they figured out the issue with quick work. They earned my trust and were all-around good people to work with. Highly recommended!

    Having an older laptop has it's problems, but Ribbit has always been very helpful, informative, and calm (when I have been in a frenzy). They are the ones to thank for the extra years I've gotten out of my laptop. Highly recommend!